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Gloria Hansen--art quilts

Gloderworks : website design, hosting and programming especially for artists

Julie Duschack web page

Karen Eckmeier

Kay D. Hayerland Quilts

Elizabeth Poole

Melanie Testa's Quilt Art and Textile Design

Turtle Moon Studios: Susan Shie and James Accord

Cathy Pearlmutter's Jewish Quilters website

Paula Nadelstern: Kaleidoscopes and Quilts

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Paula Radke beads

Beyond Beadery

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Northern Star Quilters Guild

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Quiltart Home Page

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Alliance for American Quilts; includes all the SOS interviews


Bear Paw Quilt's fat quarters


The Painter's Keys Community

Music by Phideaux Xavier

Maria Elkins Lost Quilt Come Home Page

Michael Gottlieb: game designer and math whiz

FMS Sites

National Fibromyalgia Association

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